Virtual Meetup: Presentation on Jariko

I forgot to announce here the presentation I have on Jariko. I need to improve my self-promotion skills :smiley:

Anyway yesterday we had this meeting regarding Jariko, an open-source interpreter for RPG

You can find the slides I used here:


I have also recorded a rehearsal of this presentation:

You can find the open-source project on GitHub:

JaRIKo on GitHub

And if you want to collaborate on it you should write to Mauro Sanfilippo at

We discussed several topics but we used the chat less than usual, so we are limited by my memory to reconstruct it :slight_smile:

  • We discussed about the choice of using an interpreter instead of generating code. Mauro explained how Sme.UP has previously tried to adopt a generator and the resulting workflow was too slow. With an interpreter we can quickly try every change. This is very valuable for consultants
  • We explained that this should support both fixed and free syntax, while we have always used only the fixed format, which is the one most commonly used
  • We clarified that this works well with the subset of RPG used at Sme.UP. Other companies may be using instructions we did not encounter but extending Jariko to support them should be relatively straightforward
  • We discussed the importance of a runtime and the adapter from the ISAM database paradigm to the relational database paradigm, implemented at Sme.UP

If you have more questions please feel free to write here or contact me or Mauro!