Virtual Meetup - "Outperforming Imperative with a Pure Functional Language"

Hi Community,

I am happy to announce that next Tuesday (the 17th of January), Richard Feldman will hold the discussion about “Outperforming Imperative with a Pure Functional Language”.

You’ll find the Zoom link below!

Roc ( is a pure functional programming language with an unusual focus on runtime performance. It supports full Hindley-Milner type inference (Roc is a descendant of the Elm programming language, which in turn has roots in the ML family of languages), supports parametric polymorphism via monomorphization, uses LLVM as a backend, and by default does not perform heap allocations for its lexical closures. It’s also designed to be easy to embed in other languages (like Lua), and uses automatic reference counting for both memory management as well as opportunistic in-place mutation (known as Functional But In-Place in the Koka and Perceus literature). The combination of these characteristics has led Roc to outperform popular imperative languages (for example Java, JavaScript, and Go) in certain benchmarks. This talk will explain Roc’s design, current progress, and future goals, along with an open invitation for anyone interested to get involved!

Richard Feldman created the Roc programming language in 2018 and began implementing a compiler for it in 2019. Prior to that, he has been a member of the core team for the Elm programming language, and is the author of Elm in Action from Manning Publications. As an instructor, he has taught the courses Introduction to Elm, Advanced Elm, and Introduction to Rust for As a professional software engineer, he has developed applications for a variety of startups and large corporations since 2004.

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It is hosted on Zoom at 5 PM GMT+1/CET (you can use this link to figure out which time is in your timezone: Dateful Time Zone Converter.