Virtual Meetup - JetBrains MPS-based DSLs as a Strong Technological Enabler for Embedding Continuous Digital Transformation in Our Company

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I am happy to announce that this Thursday (the 3rd of February), Eugen Schindler will hold the discussion about “JetBrains MPS-based DSLs as a Strong Technological Enabler for Embedding Continuous Digital Transformation in Our Company”.

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Canon Production Printing (previously Océ) is a more than hundred-year-old company and a global leader in digital imaging, industrial printing, and collaborative business services. To better, faster, and cheaper design and understand our systems, we have a long history of modeling across all disciplines and departments. Our R&D’s vision concerning digital transformation is that ecosystems of continuously validated models become leading artifacts during the lifecycle of product variants and their digital twins. Combining this with a platform-based development approach for creating products, our biggest challenge is continuous digital transformation: letting organization, process, architecture, (systems) engineering, digital artifacts (a.k.a. models), data science, AI, etc. go hand in hand to incrementally build and sustain an environment that serves platform- and product development on all levels and in all dimensions, which enables optimized, local low-overhead construction of system components, integrated product blueprints, and their composable digital twins. While this is an ambitious undertaking and we have only scratched the surface, in this talk we will give you our view on the direction and some ingredients needed to realize such a vision. Supported by practical examples (with an extra focus for Strumenta on employing an ecosystem of JetBrains MPS-based DSLs for introducing and maintaining a high degree of digital artifact-harmonization) and challenges we meet while unfolding the vision, we will show you connections between ingredients such as compositionality, variability, and especially the human aspect, which we believe to be crucial in embedding a continuous digital transformation mindset in the DNA of a company, and, when properly architected, will give exponential added value with every added piece of digital knowledge in an ecosystem of interconnected digital artifacts that is used ubiquitously for everyday product development activities.

Eugen Schindler works as the Systems Architect on Digital Transformation at Canon Production Printing. He is a content leader in laying the multi-disciplinary, multi-domain, holistic puzzle of moving digital transformation from an idea and many separate efforts to a coordinated, ubiquitous practical architecture and way of working. From his systems modeling interoperability background of scaling up important mono-disciplinary modeling and (systems) engineering efforts to interface with each other, he is laying the connections to other important areas in digital transformation, such as data science and AI. This enables Canon Production Printing to achieve and sustain multi-disciplinary, systems modeling results in an integrated infrastructure and way of working, scaling up practical domain-specific modeling to the organizational level and interfacing it with all other efforts required to greatly benefit daily product development activities.

Eugen got his MSc in Computer Science and his PDEng in Software Technology at the Eindhoven University Technology and is leveraging his 13+ years of experience (built at different companies such as MuTracX, Sioux, and ASML) in domain-specific modeling as well as software- and systems-engineering and -architecting to do his work at Canon Production Printing.

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I am also happy to extend the invitation to the MDENet Annual Symposium online on the 26th and 27th of January 2022. The event is free to attend so reserve your place here. There will be tutorials, challenge talks, informal networking sessions, roundtables and ample opportunity to mix with other like-minded people from the MDE world. Also, there will be a wide range of sessions including keynote speakers: Tony Clark, Aston University; Balbir Barn, Middlesex University or Mohammadreza Mousavi, King’s College.


P.S. We get a recurring question: “Are presentations recorded?”. The answer is not, and the reasons are explained here On recording Virtual Meetups - #7 by voelter

Hello Community, as promised, here is a link to a similar talk I gave at the EngineeringDigitalTwins community: EDT talk, Eugen Schindler: "Holistically Composable and Sustainable Digital Twins and Threads" - YouTube

And here is the book about MPS Applications from Antonio Bucchiarone and his colleagues: Springer link ( and Amazon link (Domain-Specific Languages in Practice: with JetBrains MPS: Bucchiarone, Antonio, Cicchetti, Antonio, Ciccozzi, Federico, Pierantonio, Alfonso: 9783030737573: Books).

Thank you all for your attention, the very enriching discussion and all the warm feedback!