Virtual Meetup - Gamified Education solutions in Software Programming and Modelling: A Tool implementation Perspective

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I am happy to announce that this Thursday (the 11th of November), Antonio Bucchiarone will hold the discussion about " Gamified Education solutions in Software Programming and Modelling: A Tool implementation Perspective "

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There is a wide interest in adopting gamification solutions for supporting engagement in software modeling and production with learning purposes, e.g., students to actively participate in courses, employees to deal with tedious tasks, or programmers to learn specific languages. Several frameworks to build up gameful applications have been proposed. Their common goal is raising the level of abstraction of gamification mechanisms and proposing a well-defined set of languages for designing a game, its main components, and the behavioural details. All the research introduced until now reinforce the idea that there is a strong interest in the use of gamification in modeling and programming. Some early promising results exist, but in general existing attempts are mainly the work of modelers trying to manually create ad hoc gamification environments for their specific experimental scenarios. A real attempt to integrate full gamification in modeling and programming tools is still missing. Our vision proposes to integrate gamification mechanisms with modeling/programming tools. In this talk, he presents the required components and the necessary interconnections to adequately assemble altogether and get the resulting gamified modeling/programming tool. Moreover, he presents two concrete examples of our idea: he first presents an example of a gamified software, Polyglot, conceived to be applied in the field of software programming. After this, he introduces PapyGame, a gamified software that finds its application in the field of software modeling. Finally, he illustrates a list of research challenges that must be addressed to realize motivational digital systems able to support personalized learning plans and feedback in context as education and training.

Antonio Bucchiarone is currently a Senior Researcher at the Motivational Digital Systems (MoDiS) research unit of Fondazione Bruno Kessler in Trento, Italy. His research activity is focused principally on many aspects of Software Engineering for Adaptive Socio-Technical Systems. In the last 12 years, he has investigated advanced methodologies and techniques supporting the definition, development, and management of distributed systems that operate in dynamic environments, where being adaptable is a key intrinsic characteristic.

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