Virtual Meetup - “Code reading in practice”

Hi Community,

I am happy to announce that next Tuesday (the 20th of December), Felienne Hermans will hold the discussion about “Code reading in practice”.

You’ll find the Zoom link below!

In this session, we will first discuss the role of reading in learning and teaching programming. We will then read a piece of code together and do exercises to get a sense of what the code does. This is useful because you will practice your code reading skills, and you will learn new techniques that you can apply in any code base you are not familiar with.

Felienne is a professor of Computer Science Education at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She also works as a high-school CS teacher one day a week at Lyceum Kralingen in the Codasium program.

Felienne is the creator of the Hedy programming language, and the author of “The Programmer’s Brain“, a book that helps programmers understand how their brain works and how to use it more effectively. In 2021, Felienne was awarded the Dutch Prize for ICT research.

Felienne is a member of the board of I&I (the Dutch association of high-school computer science teachers) and of TC39 (the committee that designs JavaScript). You can find Felienne blogs at

How to connect

To avoid other security issues is now necessary to register for the meeting. The registration should be necessary just once and be valid for all the next meetings you will participate in. I understand it is a little extra effort, but it would avoid problems like the ones we encountered:

Registration for the Virtual Meetup

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It is hosted on Zoom at 5 PM GMT+1/CET (you can use this link to figure out which time is in your timezone: Dateful Time Zone Converter.