Virtual Meetup 16/04 USING JITSI TO CONNECT

at the next Virtual Meetup we will get a great demo by @istvanrath and @abel.hegedus about IncQuery.

At the previous meetups @voelter suggested we look into IncQuery as a core component of the ActiveRepository he proposed. Read more here.

For this demo we could not use Zoom, so we are planning to use a tool name Jitsi. It works in the browser and you should not need to install anything (at least on a computer). I just tried it and it was super easy and quick to start.

For the meeting on Thursday you can use this link:

Click the following link to join the meeting from your computer:


Just want to dial in on your phone?

Call one of the following numbers: 
Australia: +61.8.7150.1136
Brazil: +55.21.3500.0112
France: +
Germany: +49.89.380.38719
Japan: +81.3.4510.2372
Spain: +34.932.205.409
UK: +44.121.468.3154
US: +1.512.402.2718

Dial your meeting ID: '1768568979' and you will be connected!

For more details on the tool you can visit:

Hope this will work for everyone that wants to participate. It should :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to see you at the next meeting!

Hi Everyone,

Thank you very much for the kind invitation!

As our talk/demo is going to be pretty deep tech-heavy, I suggest everyone to read through our website at, and in particular and maybe listen to the webinar at the bottom of the page, so that you have a basic idea of what our platform is.

For those who’d prefer to read papers, I suggest to read

Important note: while most of the text may suggest that our technology is geared towards No Magic / SysML-related scenarios, this is in fact not the case. In the demo, you’ll see why.

Best regards,


Welcome Istvan!

I’m reading through the docs right now.

– Ian

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Hi Istvan,

Thanks a lot for the pointers.

In the Webinar video, you mention Live / streaming queries for early 2020. How far are you with these efforts? I didn’t see any such mention in the release notes.

Another question: Do you store the complete model again (next to the original repository)? I’m not considering the full-text search index.

Thanks a lot, I’m looking forward to your demo!

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Thanks everyone for attending today. It was a very good discussion. I’m attaching the slides.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any further questions.