Violent ES language

Hi, I’m Matheus! Since 2017 I’m developing an ECMAScript (ES4) dialect, Violent ES, that breaks compatibility with different behaviors. It has parser/AST and superficial reference ATM. The language ships with some modern features of ECMAScript, but it aims to be better and robuster.

I’ve joined here before, but somethings changed since then.

→ Repository

Here’s where it mainly differs from other languages:

  • enum types with variants, each with pair of basic data (s = v.toString(); and n = v.valueOf(); (Number)). Similiar to Java in that you can define custom methods. Similiar to .NET languages in that you can define Flags enums.
  • Strings consist of code points (Unicode Scalar Value).
  • switch: no implicit fallbacks
  • TC39 has a proposal for value-passed tuples and records. Violent ES has the same, but without the # prefix.