Unbinding the Search Forum Shortcut

@ftomassetti, I’ve noticed that on this forum when I press Ctrlf it brings up the Search Forum form, instead of the browser’s Search Page functionality. This makes it uncomfortable to carry out searches in long threads, forcing the reader to access the Search Page functionality via the browser’s menus.

I use Chrome, but I believe that Ctrlf is the standard Search-Page shortcut in most browsers.

It looks like Discord is taking over the key-binding for Ctrlf.

Is it possible to change the forum settings in the CPanel? e.g. to bind it to CtrlShiftf (or something else) so that it doesn’t override the default browser’s key-bindings?

Also, since the forum’s Search icon is always visible (even when scrolling) there’s really no need for a short cut to it, since it’s reachable via the mouse.

Hi @tajmone,
sorry, I didn’t understand well what kind of change would you like to do in the CPanel, could you please be more specific?
I can access to the settings and would like to help you.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



When dealing with long threads, I usually employ the browser’s “Search Page” functionality which allows me to quickly jump to all occurrences of specific keywords to find the post I was looking for. The default shortcut to access this functionality is CtrlF on most browsers.

But I’ve noticed that in this forum when I press CtrlF I’m taken to the “Search in forum” form (the magnifying glass icon), so I suspect that the forum’s software is taking over the CtrlF key biding to achieve this.

Having quick access to the browser’s “Search page” functionality should (IMO) have precedence over the forum’s custom “Search” field — which, by the way, is always present in the top bar, at a mouse click, which is fixed even when scrolling down the page.

If it’s possible to assign a different key-binding for the “Search Forum” (e.g. CtrlSHIFTF) end users will be allowed to quickly access both search types (without having to go through the browser’s menus). Otherwise, the forum bindings could be just disabled, since the search icon is always accessible on the top bar.

While the “Search Forum” functionality is great for finding a given thread, once the user opens the thread he/she might need the “Search Page” functionality to quickly sift through a very long thread (e.g. find a post via keyword searches, track replies by a given users, etc.), hence the need to preserve CtrlF for in-page searches.

I’ve tried with my browser (Chrome) and it doesn’t give me this problem, but I looked around for some information and it seems you could fix this clicking “Ctrl + F + F”
(in other words, pressing F twice)

Does it works for you? Otherwise, I’ll search for something else


The problem is no longer there, did you change some settings?

At the time I had posted about the issue I had encountered this problem all day long, across different browser sessions (and only with Strumenta forum), so it was definitely there. Maybe an issue with either the browser (Chrome) or the forum software, that was fixed by an update…

Strange thing, now CtrlG also brings up the find in page menu, just like CtrlF.

Anyhow, if the problem shows up again I’ll buzz you.

Thanks for the support.

The only thing that I changed is that I updated the plugins of the site, anyway I’m happy that the problem doesn’t subsist anymore.
If you need assistance again, please let me know.
Have a nice day :slight_smile: