TreeCreator in PPL

Textual description of trees is one of the main elements of the PPL language. The module that implements this task is written in C#, as is the entire PPL project. I translated this module into C++ to demonstrate the possibility of translating the entire project into C++ to speed up work, as well as to implement the PPL language on various platforms.
For this purpose, I decided to use -

As it turned out, it is impossible to translate a large code for free. In addition, freeing memory, creating objects in the stack and heap, etc. had to be adjusted manually.
My knowledge of C++ and C# was enough to make this translation without the help of additional programs. It also allowed me to make interesting use of the free time I have.
As a small example, I give a hierarchical description of countries and cities -

#include "TreeCreator.h"

int main()
  TreeCreator* tc = new TreeCreator();
  const char* countries =
    "Countries [Europe]"

  Composite* root = tc->CreateTree(countries);
  delete tc;
-Node   root
---Node Countries        Europe   
-----Node       Italy
-------Leaf     Name: Roma      value:
-------Leaf     Name: Milan     value:
-------Leaf     Name: Turin     value:
-----Node       France
-------Leaf     Name: Paris     value:
-------Leaf     Name: Marseile  value:
-------Leaf     Name: Provence  value:
-----Node       Spain
-------Leaf     Name: Madrid    value:
-------Leaf     Name: Granada   value:
-------Leaf     Name: Alicante  value:

You can use this code in your projects, supplementing it with the necessary solutions.

You can find the project here -

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