{Senior,Junior} language engineer at SWAT.engineering (Amsterdam)

We are looking for language engineers at SWAT.engineering.

Swat.engineering is a small growing company developing Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) using the open-source Rascal metaprogramming language. Every project is a new challenge due to our diverse customers from both The Netherlands and abroad. For us life is more than just work. We try to find a healthy balance between work and private life. We work mostly remote. If the COVID-19 incidence rates allow for it, we get together once every two weeks in Bussum (The Netherlands), near Amsterdam.

As a Language Engineer you will design DSLs and implement them. You might build a VS Code IDE, a compiler, an interpreter, a type checker, or a legacy code analysis. You don’t have to do this all by yourself, though. Even when we work autonomously we enjoy working together. Your seniority and scope of the tasks will influence the team setup.

Read more about it here: Language Engineering Position | swat.engineering


I highly recommend applying at this outfit :grinning:

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