(sad news:) Eelco Visser

Many of us already heard this through the Twitter-vine, but in case you’ve missed this:

Eelco Visser, professor CS in Delft, and founder+chair of its PL research group, as well as a member of this forum and irregular attendee of the Virtual Meetup, passed away completely unexpectedly last Tuesday.

He has made a huge contribution to the field of programming language research, design, and implementation, and by extension to the field of DSLs and model-driven software development. Other people are much more entitled to extoll all of Eelco’s achievements and virtues, both as a researcher, as a driving force, and as a human/person/friend, so I’ll leave it at that.

RIP Eelco, you’ll be missed

Oh! :frowning:
So sorry, to hear that.
Eelco was always a very active member of out community.
RIP and all my condolences to his family and friends.

Thanks for letting us know, Meinte.

Very sad news, Meinte.

I’ve found these URLs:

We will miss you, Eelco.

Very sad indeed, my condolences to the family.

I was very sad to hear this. I remember how he gave two consecutive presentations in this community, each one stressing the 2 hours. He was very generous with his time and I think most of us have benefitted, directly or indirectly, from his work and his role in the SLE community


That’s sad to hear…

So sorry!
May his soul rest in perfect peace.

God blesses!!!

My regards to his family!

This is a big loss. He had a clear view DSL’s.