Rethinking the Virtual Meetups

Hi Community,

After three years of weekly Virtual Meetups, we thought it was time to change this formula. We want to tell you what prompted us towards this decision.

First of all, thank you for your regular and active participation in the Virtual Meetups! It is incredible that so many people share our interest in Language Engineering.

Secondly, thank you to all the speakers that took part in this incredible experience; your collaboration, your availability and your passion for these topics has been an excellent resource for Strumenta Community. So thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience, experiments, projects, and your results with us!

We started this adventure in 2020, and so far, we have hosted a hundred of talks, around 36 only in the last year!

The Virtual Meetup has been an opportunity to discover new projects, share our experiences, confront each other on Language Engineering topics and to know each other virtually in a period of restrictions. But the feeling we have is that the period of the weekly virtual meetups is over. For several reasons: the world is moving back to in-presence events, and people have the desire to meet and share their experience in person, so we feel a weekly digital format doesn’t fit with nowadays expectations.

We think that this community is useful, and we want to preserve it and continue to enrich it. The forum and the website will remain open and ready to welcome all your discussions and watch all previous talks. Despite that, it is important to have the courage to change the format if we consider it not right anymore.

We are studying a new way to be in touch with our community, a new format that can bring added value.

Stay tuned, and follow our digital channels to be up to date! We will be back with new ideas soon!

I will never stop thanking all the speakers and all of you for the interest shown in the community, who have supported the community and made it active.

See you soon,


Thank you, Federico and Strumenta team members Elisa and Alessio, for organizing the Virtual Meetups!

I’m curious what the new formula will be.


Thank you @meinte.boersma . We are still thinking about the formula. We think of having less frequent but more careful picked meetings. We would focus on two directions:

  1. Topics on which we think that as a community could be useful to discuss (for example, textual vs projectional editing, or initiatives like LionWeb)
  2. Educational topics, like ANTLR or an introduction to MPS
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Sounds good Federico :+1:
I was unfortunately not able to attend many of the virtual meetups cause they always collided with work or other fixed appointments, but I hope to be able to join the new format, whatever it will be, more often.

LOL. The virtual meet-ups were the biggest draw for me & I only just found about them and joined the community last week.

Don’t worry. As far as I can tell, Language Oriented Programming is only growing, with more and more languages with hygienic macros, more researchers doing amazing things. I hear the PLTea meet-up is rebooting and the Languages, Systems, and Data Seminar had just restarted with a talk by Tomas Petricek.

@ftomassetti If you are not signed in the first thing you see at this community is ‘Who should we invite to speak in the Virtual Meetups?’

This seems like an oversight now the weekly virtual meet-ups have stopped?

Thank you, I will look into that