Racket 8.9 in now available

Racket 8.9 in now available from http://racket-lang.org/

Why is this relevant for this community?

Racket comes with

Racket is a modern Lisp and a descendent of Scheme, but

  • is not interpreted like many scheme and lisp implementations - compiles to native machine code and is not tied to a specific VM platform
  • includes Typed Racket with static type checking
  • is enthusiastic about other syntax styles. Language engineers are (not (stuck (with lots (of (annoying)) (parentheses))) (there are a number of parsers and parser generators to choose from)
    • the Racket community is actively developing a language with python-like syntax (working title ‘Rhombus’
    • Racket includes an implementations of languages with non-lisp syntax like Algol 68 and Datalog.
    • language engineers working in Racket create languages a variety of syntax styles.

Racket is a programmable programming language:

"As such, it is often used to quickly prototype embedded (domain-specific) languages. Its innovative features have influenced the development of Clojure and Rust, many other languages.

“The goal of the Racket project is to explore this emerging idea of language-oriented programming, or LOP, at two different levels. At the practical level, the goal is to build a programming language that enables language-oriented software design. This language must facilitate easy creation of eDSLs, immediate development of components in these newly created languages, and integration of compo- nents in distinct eDSLs; Racket is available at http://racket-lang.org/“ - https://doi.org/10.1145/3127323

Racket has four stable releases per year. What’s new in this release: https://racket.discourse.group/t/racket-version-8-9-is-now-available-from-https-download-racket-lang-org/1941

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Racket is an open source project under MIT/Apache2: https://sfconservancy.org/news/2018/jun/12/racketjoins/

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