Quick Domain-Specific Languages in Python with textX

Hello everyone!

The new article “Quick Domain-Specific Languages in Python with textX” is online :slight_smile:

Enjoy the reading!


Great tutorial by @alessio.stalla. I really enjoyed it and fully recommend it! It will be a great addition for the textX docs and tutorials.

I do have some correction recommendations that will IMHO make it even better.


Hi Igor, I was about to write to you about this tutorial, but I am happy you already read it and enjoyed it :smiley:

We are very lucky to have @alessio.stalla at Strumenta and I think he has a talent in explaining concepts. We will do our best to promote the article and we would be grateful if it could be linked from the project or in any help you can give us to have more people taking a look at it

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Great tool! Thanks for sharing

Of course, Federico. I’ve added the tutorial to the textX docs and will share it to all interested parties. Thanks for promoting textX.

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