Programming Language Live-coding Events; Thoughts?

I’ve recently got a really nice setup in my work area. I even have a microphone and just recently bought a boom arm, pop filter, and shock mount (it’ll be here sometimes this week). I had been planning on doing live coding streams and creating informative youtube videos on programming, languages as a big topic. What I was thinking was putting together every weekend a live coding event of making small languages using ANTLR, kolasu, and various tools we make for langdev, including kotlinx-llvm. I want to know what all your thoughts are. If before that we create some tools that allow you to do all sorts of backend development, perhaps a library for easily creating interpreters along with finishing kotlinx-llvm, I think it could really help promote the tools we’ve been working on. I think it would help push the movement of creating DSL’s as well, if we show off how easy it is. Perhaps something like “let’s make a language in a single day”. Or challenges to reimplement other languages or lang specifications (like ECMAScript, Lisp, lua, etc) and even extend that like “let’s add this feature to this language” or something, again, as a means of showing off our tools and showing off how smooth it can be to implement a language.

I had some simliar ideas for building DSLs with JetBrains MPS.
While the idea is intruiging, what always has to be considered is whether or not the effort is really worth it. Making live-streaming events like this work involves a lot of planing, at least that’s what I think. The target group is inherently small, but there are examples that seem to be somewhat successful. I looked into Jon Blow’s live streams where he is working on his Jai language, but this guy is just unbearable for me, and I don’t know how many people really watch it due to the technological content, but rather his rants and general popularity.
Anyway, I would be curious to see what you come up with.