Previously mentioned: Web-based LWB / Low-code system with instant deployment?

Quite some time ago, somebody mentioned in the forum or the meetups a web-based language workbench or low-code system that’s being developed by some very experienced people. One of the killer features was instant deployment, like in a few hundred milliseconds.

I searched through the forum, but couldn’t find it any more. Can anybody recall?

I think you are looking for

Related: I made something in BaaS space (Backend as a Service) in the past (a previous life) with inmutable cloud deploy (multi-cloud) in less than 4 minutes. See it at Hivepod.

Could also haven been Unison?

Thanks a lot, Dark(lang) it was.
If anybody else is looking for it: Meinte referred to

Hi, Niko

Arkeos Factory build & deploy to many language using templates

Good luck