Paper: Language-Oriented Programming (Ward, 1994)

This is the 1994 paper that (as far as I know) coined the term Language-Oriented Programming. I assume that lots of people here will know it, but I also think some others will not. It’s an interesting reading, and it’s fairly accessible, I hope you will enjoy it.


I think there was an article with a similar article that was written by one of the guys who designed MPS

Probably it was this:


Thanks for the links @evacchi and @ftomassetti — I belong to the lot who didn’t know about the 1994 paper (nor the LOP topic, honestly) so I’m really appreciating discovering and reading it.

I think it would be of great benefit if we could provide in this forum a thread that collects links to similar papers (i.e. the early original papers that proposed new paradigms and coined their names). Maybe a dedicated thread, where anyone can add links to a paper of his/her choice; or adding a dedicated tag that would allow to filter them (e.g. selected-papers); or maybe the forum software has some options (or plug-in) to create special pages for organizing links.

Hi @tajmone, I think the easiest thing would be using a tag, I will see if I need to create it

Ok, I have created the tag and added it to this post. Thank you for the suggestion!

that’s an excellent idea @tajmone and I was actually hoping for someone to propose it :smiley: I’ve been trying to bootstrap an Italian chapter of Papers We Love but unfortunately the covid situation brought that to a halt.

I just saw an initiative called pint of science, launched in Germany. I think they meet, drink beer and read papers. It could be something to take inspiration from

PWL virtual meetings are being held worldwide, too
there is also a slack

That’s a nice project! I really hope that it will take off once the COVID emergency is over (although right now here in Italy things aren’t looking that good in this regard).

Of course, there’s always the classical solution of creating an Awesome List on GitHub, but I was hoping more on having an internal list for the benefit of the Strumenta Community, which could be edited without having to fork any repository or creating other accounts.