Open source compiler projects that we write

I am creating this topic, to post the link to the compiler projects we wrote, or participate in the projects, with the intention of distributing our knowledge and also, getting to know the knowledge of our compiler developer friends!

So, here is the list of my compiler and code-generator projects: ( Thanks to Mikael!!! )

I a another project, that is a C# based language, which generates native x86 code too … and the compiler already generates the EXE or DLL
I am currently playing with the development of a language based on xBase (does anyone remember CA-Clipper ??)


I also participate in the development of a language, called ELENA:

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Several years ago I contributed to Armed Bear Common Lisp ( but mostly on its Java FFI/integration. I did poke into the compiler to fix bugs, but it was too complicated for me at the time to make significant modifications.
One thing I would have loved to do, and never managed to, was to enable it to write Java classes whose methods are implemented in Lisp. Clojure can do such a thing I think, and sometimes it’s necessary when a proxy won’t do (e.g. when the class must be consumed by some library that does bytecode analisys/enhancement).
Another important thing I attempted but didn’t succeed at was generating stackmap frames annotations. Those are necessary to enable the “new” bytecode verifier which in turn is necessary to generate Java 6+ bytecode, which means support for invokedynamic (from Java 7).

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TextUML is a textual notation for UML. It uses SableCC as a parser generator.

The Alf RI was implemented by @seidewitz (Model Driven Solutions), I only made a few contributions. It is JavaCC-based.


i’m writing a IBM 360/370 VM and Assembler Compiler in JavaScript. Any help is welcome.


For testing.

Good luck


Here’s my project for hard-coded lexers in Java and C++ (C# coming up):

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I have been making attempts at a few compiler projects, first was WASP, then Cabasa, now I am working on a Wren compiler and interpreter.

Here’s a screenshot of a bytecode dump from my recent Wren compiler project…

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