OPC UA DSL Semantic Diff

Thanks for the invitation. I am a researcher who is passionate about applying knowledge and experience in building a machine-centric global village. Let me describe a problem we have in this context related to this group’s interests.

Do we need UANodeSet semantic diff :question:

Executive summary

UANodeSet is a domain-specific language implemented using the XML standard. The syntax of the UANodeSet documents is defined in the OPC 10000-6: OPC Unified Architecture; 2017, Release 1.04.

The schema document is available at http://opcfoundation.org/UA/2011/03/UANodeSet.xsd

The description is covered by the document


The problem is reported in OPCFoundation/UA-ModelCompiler#75 and the discussion is to be continued here.

Generally speaking, talking about the tracking of the modifications we have the following possibilities:

  1. text diff
  2. XML diff
  3. XML semantic dif
  4. XML semantic dif excluding feature that was not widely used , non-critical differences , etc.

Following that my questions are:

  1. Do you know a tool that meets the requirement stated in 4?
  2. Do you know implementable rules that can be used to deploy a diff tool according to 4?

The prototyping is conducted on GitHub

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