Ontologies vs. DSLs

Do one of you have a reference to a concise article relating ontologies and DSLs?

We wrote about this some years ago…

Uwe Aßmann, Steffen Zschaler, and Gerd Wagner: Ontologies, Meta-Models, and the Model-Driven Paradigm. In Coral Calero, Francisco Ruiz, and Mario Piattini (eds.): Ontologies for Software Engineering and Technology. Springer, 2006., 2006.
[pdf (The copyrighted original is available from SpringerLink)] [http]


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Hi Steffen,

Thanks for the tip. Very useful.

There are some papers talk about DSLs and Ontology:

Ontologies in domain specific languages : a systematic literature review (2014)
Ontological approach for DSL development (2016)
Ontology and DSL co-evolution using graph transformations methods (2017)
Using ontology in the development of domain-specific languages(2010)

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