Online seminar seriesabout graph transformation

GReTA ā€“ Graph TRansformation Theory and Applications is a platform for the international graph rewriting community. Every two weeks they have an online webinar via Zoom. You can see them back on YouTube.

Website: GReTA - Graph Transformation Theory and Applications
YouTube channel: GReTA Seminar - YouTube

Nine webinars were scheduled between November 2020 and March 2021. Some topics:

  • Graph transformation and logic
  • Port graph rewriting as a modelling tool
  • Java Bytecode Verification and Manipulation based on MDE
  • Confluence of Graph Transformation
  • MDEOptimiser with EMF and Henshin
  • Composition-based Graph Rewriting
  • Formal Graph Language Theory & Fusion Grammars

Most presentations about one hour. Bit theoretic, academic, but I personally like that.


GReTA is GReAT stuff! :wink:
Thanks for sharing @HermanPeeren

Thanks for sharing ! Iā€™m interested to applicaton of graph transformation theory to optimization of digital hardware and hw/sw codesign.