NLP Profiler: a simple profiler to profile text data in your datasets

Hi all,

Iโ€™m posting this here as I saw there are a number of Natural Language Processing enthusiast (maybe even experts) among us in this lovely community.

I have been recently busy with some NLP related errands and it led to building this simple Python library. And after sharing with the wider community on social media and GitHub, I was invited to speak at a meetup in Zurich (via Zoom, of course :stuck_out_tongue:) see event.

I spoke on Monday past, and here are the slides. The library is on GitHub and PyPi now and can be installed and used easily. If you take interest in NLP and Data analysis/profiling/feature engineering this library may be useful for you.

Happy to receive constructive feedback and even have discussions on anything you wish to, with regards to the talk and/or the library.

PS: It seems I have a thing for NLP whilst still being a Java + GraalVM/Truffle enthusiast, even I canโ€™t believe it.

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