New time for the virtual meetup

from this Thursday Virtual Meetups are back!

They are going to be at 6PM CET time, instead of 7PM. They are one hour earlier now.

We hope this would make easier for some to participate.


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Hi Federico,

I think the new time might be easier for some, but 6PM is dinner time in most of Northern Europe.
For me this means that it will be more difficult to attend.


Will they be recorded?

Hi Tomas, no, they would not be recorded. We discussed this several times and concluded that presenters feel more at ease if the conversation is not recorded

Hi Jos, you raise a good point. But as you said the time could be easier for some, while being more difficult for others. I would suggest we do two things:

  1. We put an effort to stay within 1 hour
  2. We check the attendancy

After a couple of meetings we could rediscuss this and see if it makes sense to keep this time, change it back to 7PM or pick another one.

For me personally having a conversation from 7PM to 9PM was a bit tiring, as it came right after my working day, with no break. So by the time we arrived to 9PM I was very hungry and very very tired :slight_smile: