New DSL Textbook

New book on DSLs published:
Domain-Specific Languages
Effective Modeling, Automation, and Reuse
Andrzej Wąsowski & Thorsten Berger

Springer, 2 Febr. 2023, 485 pages.

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13 chapters:

  1. Using Modeling Languages
  2. Building Modeling Languages
  3. Domain Analysis and Abstract Syntax
  4. Concrete Syntax
  5. Static Semantics
  6. Static Semantics with Type Systems
  7. Model and Program Transformation
  8. Interpretation
  9. Code Generation
  10. Internal Domain-Specific Languages
  11. Software Product Lines
  12. Feature Modeling
  13. Model and Language Variability

I missed the sale discount, but picked it up anyway and so far it looks pretty good.