Meta low code and decentralized application development with Holochain

Hi everyone !

As a follow-up of my previous post

here is an interview of me with Holochain, talking about the GO Meta Low code approach and decentralized application development with Holochain, and where I am at, at the moment : Ecosystem Sessions – Generative Objects - YouTube

I am calling for support and collaboration on the GO development, if anyone of you feels aligned with the vision and would want to be part. Please contact me :wink:

Also, @ftomassetti , I would envision doing a presentation / demo of the GO Meta low code approach as part of a Strumenta online session. How do you feel about this ?

Thank you for sharing it!

Yes, I think it would be interesting indeed. Sorry if I did not reply earlier, I have probably missed this one during winter holidays. I will add the idea to the list of topics we will discuss at the next editorial board and we will be back proposing some possible dates

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Thank you Federico, looking forward :wink: