LWBs menitioned in the community

I try to list all language workbenches that were mentioned in this community here.

Please feel free to hint to the ones I missed.

Added since inception:


Wow! This is a good list!

Here is a list of several other language workbenches:


Few years ago, I investigated tools for some talks and made the attached family tree.

The language used to describe tool history is obviously a DSL itself and implemented in one of these tools :wink: So, I generated then from the model listing below – albeit some information is then lost. Now the listing is based on first release/publication/demo.

  • PSL/PSA (Michigan)
  • SEM
  • Envision (Future Tech)
  • GraphTalk (Rank Xerox)
  • Excelerator Customizer (Index Technology)
  • Eclipse TBK (Lancaster/Dublin)
  • MetaView (Alberta)
  • QuickSpec (Meta Systems)
  • MetaPlex
  • Ramatic (SISU)
  • ConceptBase (Aachen/Passau)
  • Toolbuilder (Sunderland Univ/IPSYS)
  • Virtual Software Factory (Systematica)
  • 4thought (IBM)
  • Dome (Honeywell)
  • MetaEdit (Jyväskylä/MetaCase)
  • MEET
  • MethodMaker (MarkV)
  • ParadigmPlus (Protosoft)
  • MetaGen
  • MetaEdit+ (MetaCase)
  • Phedias
  • GME (Vanderbilt)
  • Ptech
  • ObjectMaker TDK (MarkV)
  • CASEmaker (JRCASE)
  • Kogge (Koblenz Univ)
  • GD Method Builder (ASTI)
  • ASF+SDF Meta-Environment
  • AToM3 ( McGill Univ)
  • MPS (JetBrains)
  • DSL Tools (Microsoft)
  • Whole Platform (Metatis)
  • Actifsource (Actifsource)
  • XMF-Mosaic (Xactium)
  • MontiCore
  • xText
  • GMF (Eclipse)
  • GEMS
  • Obeo Designer (Obeo)
  • Rascal (CWI)
  • EMFText (TU Dresden)
  • Domain Workbench (Intentional )
  • OSLO (Microsoft)
  • Spoofax (Delft)
  • AtomViewer (Isomeris)
  • Cedalion (Open Univ Israel)
  • Essential
  • Poseidon DSL (Gentleware)
  • SugarJ
  • Más (DSL Consultancy)
  • Spray
  • Enso
  • Sculpture Toolkit (Modelingsoft)
  • Icenitic (Icenitic)

Wow, what a cool list. Would it be worth also adding GEMOC Studio to the list? It’s sort-of a descendant of Melange.