List of universities teaching DSLs or Language Engineering

In the introduction of @jurgen.vinju we were discussing about the existence of a list of such DSL university courses. @benoit suggested that there was an attempt to create the list here: however the list is empty :slight_smile:

Maybe it is time to add a few courses.

Which courses should we add?

@igor.dejanovic, should we start by adding your course?


I started a new file with a minimal contents; great to focus that here because the slebok is also a good way to collect information about language Engineering


@jurgen.vinju @ftomassetti I’ve sent a PR with the course info. Thanks!


Nice! and thanks for fixing the space issue :slight_smile:

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Maybe @mbarash has something to do to the list. Anyone else we should point to that list?


off the top of my head, these are more people who teach SLE stuff at least:

  • Ralf Laemmel gives an SLE course I believe (or at least used to, in Uni Koblenz-Landau);
  • Shriram Krishnamurti at Brown U.
  • Jim Cordy and colleagues at Queens in Canada (
  • Oscar Nierstrasz (Bern)
  • Anthony Sloane (Macquarie U, AU)
  • Friedrich Steimann (Fernuniversität in Hagen)
  • Hans Vangheluwe (University of Antwerp)
  • Anya Helene Bagge (University of Bergen)
  • Eric Van Wyk (University of Minnesota)
  • Eugene Syriani (University of Montréal)
  • Tanja Mayerhofer (TU Wien)
  • Walter Cazzola (University of Milan)
  • Not forgetting my personal friends Mark van den Brand and Tijs van der Storm and Alexander Serebrenik who are already on the list :slight_smile:

Hi all, I teach SLE at the University of Groningen. Details here:


It seems your course is not present here:

I teach DSLs at King’s. Mainly EMF-based stuff (Xtext, Sirius, …), with hopefully a sprinkling of MPS to wet students’ appetite. This is a new module, so still developing, but students seem to enjoy it :slight_smile:



Proposed adding a brief description to the Github page.

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I know 100+ universities that teach and study language engineering (metamodeling, and mostly graphical domain-specific modeling languages). Some teachers have also contacted me with their course material, but otherwise we have only the list of universities public (it is available at company webpage at

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I teach a course on Compiler Construction at TU Delft (; it is all language engineering. In the project part of the course students build a compiler for MiniJava using the Spoofax language workbench. In the lectures we study theory behind syntax definition, transformation, (constraint-based) type checking etc.

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Personally I studied Languages and Compiler at Politecnico di Milano (Italy) something like 20 years ago. Not sure they still teach it but I think so.

At the moment, in my spare time, I am an assistant for the subject Languages and Compilers at Bergamo University (Italy), where I teach students how to use tools like ANTLR and how to design DSLs for the subject’s project.

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I think the link has changed: