Language workbench for CLR/C# ecosystem?

Are there language workbenches for the C# .net/mono ecosystem?

My initial searches have been unsuccessful and Wikipedia seems to think they don’t exist

( Wikipedia seems to think spoofax doesn’t exist so I have my doubts about the quality of information on Wikipedia )



Do you mean if there are language workbenches that create languages on top of a .NET implementation? I think there was Nitra but it is dead (although you can still download it from GitHub).

I am not sure why that is, but it seems that the main issue is that there are no large organizations creating languages on top of .NET (apart from Microsoft, of course). It is possible to do it, because there are languages that have been created, but they all seem abandoned. I think that the most successful one still alive is IronPython.
That is sad because it seems to be a good platform for doing that, there is even a runtime for dynamic languages.

Maybe the reason is the lack of documentation. Because even successful projects like PeachPie are built on top of Roslyn, which was not really meant for that.

If there was one, or if there ever will be one, I would look for it on the .NET Foundation. You could also keep an eye on awesome-dotnet and awesome-dotnet-core.

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Yes I meant on top of .NET implementations but I was not sure of the correct terminology.

The .NET Modeling Framework (NMF) looks interesting.

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