Language engineering job at ESR Labs

(posted on behalf and request of Martin Thiede:)

ESR Labs is looking for support in a customer project starting mid of this year.

It’s about maintaining and extending tooling support for a DSL in the Automotive domain.
The project will go over several years but fade in/out during project runtime might be possible.

Technology used and skills required:

  • Xtext, Xtend
  • Kotlin (customer tries to shift from Xtend to Kotlin step by step)
  • integration into Eclipse RCP
  • integration into VS Code via language server
  • integration with web-based frontend (e.g. via Eclipse Theia)
  • cloud services for running the web frontend

The work includes conceptional and doing parts.

We are looking for multiple people.
Freelancers/consultants are welcome.

If you’re interested, you should contact Martin Thiede of Concrete fame at: martin.thiede at
(edit: added Martin’s email address)

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