Language engineer needed at Nexthink

Please read on or pass on to anyone you know. It is an interesting project. We just had a series D financing round. We work with ANTLR 4, Clickhouse and Micronaut to build a language service which is the core of the " real-time analytics, automation and employee feedback across all endpoints to help IT teams delight people at work".

Job description
You have experience with SQL, parsers, crafting new languages, or Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs)? Do you have experience with data query languages, heuristics, query optimizers? You have implemented and deployed new languages or worked on existing ones? Then, continue reading, you are at the right place!

We are looking actively for a Senior Software Engineer who will focus on defining our new query language and an optimized way of generating SQL statements based on heuristics and our specific customized data layout. You will play an important role in building our next query system. You will drive and design the new query language and its SQL mapping.

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Interesting, and thanks for sharing!

Would this senior software engineer the first language engineer in the company, or would they augment language engineers already there?

This would be the second language engineer. I started six months ago and we have a basic language and service. The Nexthink Query Language will be at the core of the new cloud offering and will be integrated in various internal services for monitoring, alerting, reporting and also for customers to extract useful insights via custom dashboards. There is still plenty of room for an experienced engineer to make a difference. Talking is free so you can always get to know the job, people and company and then decide.

Thanks for the answer!

Main reason for asking is that I’m open for freelance/consultancy work, but not so much for a fixed position. I very much prefer doing one very focused thing for, say, half a year to maybe a year (tops) while fixed positions are usually for the “long haul”.

I can see combining “doing the work” with workshops to spread language engineering knowledge as a way to get value on the short term, but become self-sufficient in the longer run. This could work especially well when a low number of language engineers (e.g.: 0) are already on-site. What do you think?

Thanks for the interest but we are really interested in hiring a senior engineer on a permanent basis.