Language Editors for IntelliJ

I have written a small tutorial on how to create IntelliJ Editor for a programming language. This might not be needed if using MPS, but for other scenarios might be useful. The languages’ grammar was written in ANTLR.


Thank you! This is a topic I would like to learn more. Maybe also @gtomassetti and @alessio.stalla could be interested in this

A few years ago I tried to make a 6502 assembly plugin for Intellij for programming for the Commodore 64. It was very hard to get anywhere, because the Intellij tutorials explained (at that time) only common things like file types, grammar, and syntax highlighting. Everything beyond that is “just look through the code which has no documentation and a million concepts you need to know all at once.”

So, your tutorial is very good, and I hope you get to things like code formatting, find definition, completion, compiling, debugging…

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