JetBrains MPS slides and useful links

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Thank you all who attended the talk of yesterday. If you missed it, you can always watch this short video to get an idea of what is MPS.
Find the slides attached and some useful links to begin your (long) journey of learning more about this powerful tool.


Most of the examples that my colleague Vaclav used for the presentation are available online. Here are the links:

If you want to learn MPS, we recommend you to start from the Fast Track Tutorial, where you will learn the concepts from the beginning. If you are more of a “hands-on” person, you can do our free quickstart course.

Let us know if you have any other question,


Oscar Rodriguez
Product MKT Manager of MPS


(here there is the topic regarding the presentation. It contains some Q&A: Virtual Meetup: JetBrains MPS with Vaclav Pech)

i was very intrigued by the base units library, but i can’t find it anywhere in the MPS repository. Can someone please direct me where that module is to be found? I am so impressed by the support for physical units of measurement in MPS. So thorough. Frink also has units done very properly (perhaps obsessively), but for general purpose MPS is a star!

I think that the units were taken by KernelF. KernelF is an expression language, with many interesting extensions, that is intended to be reused inside Domain Specific Language. It is open-source and part of the IETS3 project. You can find it here:
There is also a compiled version you can use your projects

Do you have pointers to Frink?

The physical units in KerneF served as a starting point for the Physics project. The project, however, took it much further with the ability to convert units of the same “dimension” and the definition of “computed” units. If there is enough interest, this could be contributed to KernelF.


I would be interested!

Federico, Mr. Google says this about Frink: