"Interview with Vera Maruga on automated language migrations": new article online!

Hi there!
A new article is online :slight_smile:
This time, it’s an interview with Vera Maruga, the business development manager at Ispirer.
She tells us a bit more about migration from the business side and she will explain us the benefits you can get from doing it.

Here there are some quotes that I found particularly interesting:

The reasons for migration are different: many companies decide to move from legacy technologies to modern ones, because they feel lack of industry support of outdated languages, or because they have difficulty in finding programmers to support outdated languages, or maybe they realize the necessity to support new performance and security features of modern technologies. Another important trend that we see is moving to open source technologies.

From our experience, I could say that using our technology allows to decrease time expenses at least four times and to decrease cost expenses at least twice.

There is such an opinion that automated migration is impossible, is ineffective, that migration of a human written code is a very complicated task. But in reality, it is possible, and thanks to the technology that underlies our product.

You can read the complete interview here or, if you prefer, you can find only the video of the interview on our new channel on Youtube.

Enjoy! :slight_smile: