"Interview with Matteo Mortari on process automation": new article online!

Hi everybody!
A new article is online :slight_smile:

This time, it’s an interview with Matteo Mortari @tarilabs, a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, where he contributes in Drools development and support for the DMN standard.

Here there are some quotes that I found particularly interesting:

I hope that people can realize that there is a lot of things that they can leverage from these rule engine and process automation in their own project, nothing taking away from describing DSL and the languages parsing.

Now the evaluation of the risk is not done with a decision table that an analyst with experience has done. It’s really made up from a machine-learning predictive model that was produced by the machine-learning process, which is based on the data that the company or the business somehow have collected throughout the years, and all the data that are relevant for doing the predictive model.

When you think about microservices, it’s very important that you have the framework that supports you as best. This is important because you can use Drools, DMN, BPMN in a microservices oriented way. There are really many ways to do it, and we’re building together a very interesting platform where we had people that say before maybe they were not so fancy of the big monolithic way of doing these kind of things. And they are really excited and happy, as we are, in order to bring this to this new era of the cloud.

If you want to read more about it, you can find the complete article here or watch the video on our Youtube channel.

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