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This time, it’s an interview with Graham Cunningham, the head of EMEA Operations for Heirloom, a company which has a significant reputation in this field. He will give us some very interesting insights.

Here there are some quotes I found particularly interesting:

If you look at the bottom line, or if you look at the costs involved, yearly running a mainframe, it’s a significant budget item. So, if somebody can come in and say, “Well, you know what? We can run that same application … we just take it, re-platform it and run it on standardized x86 hardware, whether that’s on-prem or in the cloud,” and it runs and performs just as well, then that’s a significant cost saving.

Many mainframe developers don’t see the benefit (…) So many times, it’s a question of showing and explaining that their skills are not now going to be redundant. They still need COBOL developers. They still need the people that have the business knowledge in the future. This is an opportunity to learn something new, but from a comfortable position that, you’re the subject matter expert, and we’re going to add a few things and we’re going to provide other people … but you’re still the expert. And so it becomes a question of pitching it correctly to the people.

If you had a monolith on the mainframe, you’ve got a monolith now sitting on Java. But what you can do now is you can use the capabilities, the agility of this development environment, and this huge development community, to start to change your deployment artifacts. Split up pieces of that monolith, now, into related functions, and then deploy those related functions as a microservice. Without changing code, without changing business logic, you can actually do an incredible amount of re-architecting.

You can read the complete interview here or, if you prefer, you can find only the video of the interview on our new channel on Youtube

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