"Interview with Cédric Brun on modeling area": new article online!

Hello everyone!
Today, a new article is online :slight_smile:

This time, it’s an interview with Cédric Brun, the CEO at Obeo, a company that is very successful in the modeling area. In this inteview, we’ll try to undestand more about modeling-driven techniques and their applications.

Here there are some quotes I found particularly interesting:

Acceleo was the first product we released. It’s used to create your own code generator for your target language or target architecture from any kind of model and as an input being it UML or any DSL, the main specific language that you could use as input.

With releasing Sirius web, (…) you can define your domain, your tool and get instant deployment. You don’t even have to package something, distribute to the user, to wait for them to try it and to get result to manage or the versions in the meantime and so on. Now, you can define your tool and instantly, the user gets a result, gives you a feedback, you change the tool and you get instant feedback and updated tool.

You would just take a file text and you will just mark “This is the keyword” for a class and so on. You would build the Ecore model while parsing files and then launch it on the source code and get a model. Thanks to the unification power of models and technologies you could then transform it using ATL or you could generate code into another technology with Acceleo.

If you think it’s interesting, you can find the complete interview here or you can watch the video of the interview on our Youtube channel.

Enjoy it! :smiley: