Incremental Refactoring to Rust

I’ve just come across an excellent book, Refactoring to Rust, by Nate Mara:

It’s a MEAP (Manning Early Access Program), so the book is still a WIP. I’ve just bought it and can confirm that it’s a good read and recommend it.

I hope this post is not too off-topic; but since there’s a growing trend to switch to Rust due to it’s memory safe model (a topic which also pops up in this community, where I’ve read some developers have switched from Kotlin to Rust), I thought it was worth mentioning it here, especially since there aren’t many resources on the topic of incremental refactoring to Rust.

The book covers in detail the incremental refactoring methodology, with examples in Python, C and C++ — and possibly the best parts are still to come, since only three chapters have been written so far.

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For people interested in Rust, the free book from Packt Publishing for today (it is free only today Sunday) is about Rust and microservices:

Hands-On Microservices with Rust
By Denis Kolodin
Publication date: Jan 2019
Pages: 520
A comprehensive guide in developing and deploying high performance microservices with Rust

Phew … managed to catch it just in time — 19 minutes before the offered expired (thanks to time-zone differences).

Thanks for the tip, looks like a promising read!