In depth MPS tutorial

As some of you might know I created a quite extensive tutorial on MPS back in 2018 and 2019. While the recordings where on youtube for the time being I now started putting some more effort into them and created a dedicate website for them:

The new website features short descriptions of each part, further reading section to dive deeper and lists the concepts in each part! Right now it covers the first 10 parts of the tutorial, about 20h of videos, which should get everyone started with a simple expression language. Iā€™m planning to add the remaining episodes on the interpreter and the diagram editor soon.

Feedback and more ideas on such tutorials are always welcome and btw the source code of the page is on github if you find typos or want to improve the description of particular episode send me a pull request. :slight_smile:


Great contribution! I watched your videos on the build language and found them extremely useful

Thanks, it looks great :slight_smile: