How to make ANTLR generate proper Haxe code?

I remember someone made a hacky attempt to generate language parser in Haxe code via ANTLR, but lots of features were not supported and the project was abandoned.

Why do I need a ANTLR for haxe? Haxe can transpile to other popular languages and runtime giving you ability to port your DSLs to almost any platform.

If I can get a proper parser generated in Haxe code, it would be a major boost for my compiler experiments.

crickets… :sweat_smile:

Sorry, unhappily I know next to nothing about Haxe. And I have the horrible feeling that building the supporting runtime environment is no small task.

I may be being simplistic (almost certainly) but the actual generation of the source code for the parser (and default Listener/Visitor) is likely an impressive set of StringTemplate template files (plus a knowledge of Haxe syntax.) The creation of the implementation of the ParserRuleContext and various interfaces (and their implementation) such as ITerminalNode, and IParseTreeListener would need someone quite fluent in Haxe.

All of the above is a long-winded way to say…crickets :grimacing: