How do I become a compiler or programming language development expert?

I’m currently learning the Dragon Book compilation principle and rust programming language, as well as computer architecture. LLVM learning, I found that the dragon book theory too much, a lot of difficult to understand, LLVM do not know how to learn, source code too much, do not know where to look??? Looking for recommended learning methods and roadmaps? Thank you!!!

Hey @leikang123 , I found these resources much more practical and quick in terms of understanding how compilers work.

  2. Both books by Thorsten Ball.
  3. This link has a very useful set of resources compiled by @ftomassetti 68 Resources on creating programming languages
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Apologies for tooting my own horn: there’s this book.
Other books: Markus Voelter’s book, and Martin Fowler’s book although the latter’s is not very helpful IMO.

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Dragon book is a good starter. Nikolaus Wirth is also a good author around compiler construction.

Their is also a series by Helmut Seidl… starting with virtual machines for imperative, oop, functional and logical languages…

Books are good for studying. But a human is not a nuremberg funnel… try out some stuff.

A job in this direction is of course helpful… maybe I am a bad job searcher, but I could not find anything in my region hahaha… BUT compiler construction was very helpful in all the jobs I had so far…

There is also this book: Crafting “Crafting Interpreters” – by Bob Nystrom. Practical, with an easy style, but covering pretty much everything.