Hi, introducting MrWatson-de

Hi all!

I’m ‘MrWatson’ an english guy living in Germany and a long-time FileMaker database developer.

Beside my day job of working for Günther Business Solutions GmbH in Germany and developing, maintaining and supporting their ERP-System “Advanter”, I create free tools to help FileMaker developers build faster, better and higher quality databases.

I’m very interested in everything I hear from Strumenta - it’s one of the best newsletters that lands in my inbox, and I’m keen to learn more.

My tools process and - with the help of some XSLT (Version 1.0 :scream:) - transform / generate FileMaker script code. I’ve also got a - rather pathetic - AWK script to convert FileMaker ‘pseudo code’ into 'real ’ FileMaker Scripts, … but it has reached it’s limit, and I’m interested to find further tools which can help me to define, parse and transform such languages.

I’m extremely happy to be part of this community, and - assuming I am not spread too thin, like Nutella at the end of the week - I’m looking forward to joining in with you in the strumenta community!

Russell Watson

a.k.a. MrWatson-de:

Twitter @mrwatson_de
Github mrwatson-de

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Welcome, Russell.

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Dear Mr. Watson, I also use FileMaker Pro a lot. You might like my database oriented web app language called Beads, which you can freely download and use at beadslang.org; it uses a graph database as the core data structure in the language. Unlike Filemaker Pro which uses a graphical IDE to lay out pages, Beads uses a DSL that lets you specify how the page should use the available space; this is so the screens you draw can adjust to the device they are on. This is completely different than FMP, but necessary because mobile devices come in all sizes, and even multiple layouts can’t fit all devices well.

Hi CodingF(r)iend, :wink:

thanks for the welcome, and it’s great to find somebody here that knows FileMaker!

If you are still using FileMaker pro, … you might want to check out my tools fmIDE, fmAutoMate, fmWorkMate and fmCheckMate XSLT library to pep up your FM development environment. That’s assuming you use a Mac, and can install the MBS plugin to test it out.

Beads looks really interesting - I’ll try to make time to take a closer look at it, but time is always a problem ! :smiley:

I’m extremely happy to have come across strumenta, and have got my beady eyes :eyes: on everything about DSLs, because they sound like a tool that I can really do with in my belt!

Looking forward to more community interaction!


Welcome aboard!

I also like Nutella, but not just on the weekends. :smiley:

I lived in London for eight and a half years, and received my degree there. Great time!

I worked with Filemaker in the early 2000s, and did a lot of XSLT as well. Now I use WebLang to do the same.

Good to hear from people with a diversity of experiences.