Hi, I'm Vincent Aranega

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for the invitation and the incredible opportunity to be part of this community.

My name is Vincent Aranega, I’m an associate professor at the University of Lille where I do teaching and research on software engineering and oop-languages with Smalltalk/Pharo.
I work on MDE since 2008 when I started my PhD about traceability for model transformation testing/debugging and runtime observation of generated code for model debugging. I then switched to industry for few years at Axellience/GenMyModel where I worked on model transformation in the cloud, DSL, code completion for dynamic languages… in a browser (I ported ANTLR4 for GWT for the occasion), real-time model synchronization… After that, I decided to move back to academic world in 2018. I integrated the team of Stephane Ducasse, working on Smalltalk/Pharo where I left a little bit the MDE world to reach the language/oop/virtual-machine one, but I still try to apply as much techniques/principles that I learned from MDE into that (lately to build a bridge between Pharo and Python).

On my free time I developped PyEcore, which is a Python version of EMF which tries to be as much compatible with EMF as possible (using XMI/Json export, almost same logic…), mainly to explore what dynamic language can provide as flexibility to MDE and EMF-like tools. This project is used as basis for an UML implementation with profile support, a Python code generator and especially an experiment to bridge it with the awesome textX, created by Igor Dejanović.

My teaching is mainly oriented over language teaching, but I have to create a new class for MDE/model transformation/DSL for next year. I look forward finding new tools/ideas and to share what I can here!



Welcome, Vince! So nice to have you here.

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