Hi, I'm Niko Stotz

Hi community, thanks for having me!

I got into modeling topics through XML / XSLT as the way to go in 2008.

Afterwards, I spent serious time trying to use UML models to generate complete applications with openArchitectureWare. Non-spoiler: It doesn’t work.

This brought me to EMF and Xtext (works a lot better). I keep using these technologies until today. Most recently, I integrated Xtext-editors inside Sirius diagrams.

As favorite technology these days I use MPS. Together with @voelter, @jos.warmer, and @dumdidum, I started the interpreter framework of mbeddr.

I’m quite outspoken and critical, and always hope others apply the same approach to me – or tell me to shut up (-:

My longer-term interests are interpreters and (automatic) model visualization.
I have a lot of ideas in these areas, with way less time to work on implementations. Sometimes, I at least manage to blog about them.


Cool stuff, Niko, thanks for the intro! Btw, your work on integrating Xtext-based languages in Sirius is quite interesting, always good to learn from other Xtext users!


I’m new here. Just enjoying the existing threads. Like this one :slight_smile:

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