Hi, I'm Nicolas

Hello language people!

I’m a friendly nerd from Belgium. I’ve been interested in languages (design as well as implementation) for a while. I hope to eventually design and implement my very own.

I did a PhD on parsing whose result was this tool https://github.com/norswap/autumn - which I intend to keep up to date :slight_smile:

I’ve joined Oracle Labs 2.5 month ago to work on https://github.com/oracle/truffleruby, the Ruby implementation running on GraalVM and Truffle. I’m still settling in and learning a ton.

I blog at https://norswap.com about an irregulated mix of technical and non-technical subjects (including half-baked language design ideas, weight lifting and anime). Twitter at https://twitter.com

Looking forward to learn cool stuff with you all :wink:


Hey Nicolas,

Great to see you here, another GraalVM fan waving back to you.
Lucky you, you work with/for Oracle Labs.

We have a thread going on regarding Wasm on one thread and GraalVM in general in another one.

Would love to learn more about your work and also contribute if you have any opportunities around your work or your team’s work.

Btw pls do pay a visit to https://github.com/neomatrix369/awesome-graal and feel free to add anything in there that you think is missing, since you maybe more well-versed with Graal and Truffle than myself or few others here.


Welcome Nicolas! I am personally interested in learning more about GraalVM and it is great to have you here