Hi, I'm Mike Cargal

A brief introduction… I’m a recently retired developer/architect. Through my career I’ve been interested in language development. For the company I worked for, I implemented a business user facing language for injecting client specific processing decisions into our core processing products. 1st version was probably 25+ years ago and used Visual Parse++ and Delphi. In an effort to make it business accessible I put a graphical front end on the language that meant that they didn’t really have to learn any syntax. This predates wide-spread usage of terms like “rules engine” or “projectional editor”, but were reasonably close in their design and implementation (could discuss differences if anyone’s interested). The last couple of years prior to retirement, I re-implemented the compiler using ANTLR and Java, and brought up an entirely new, browser-based, even-more-graphical editor using ANTLR with a Javascript target to compile in the browser and React to render.

Now that I’m retired, I still like compiler work, and will likely do some pet projects in that area (once I wade through trying to pick up Haskell to expend my way of thinking about programming a bit. :slight_smile: )

Really curious to see where this goes and whether it leads to pet-project opportunities to contribute.

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Hi, I am Mark Gillam.

Very pleased to meet you!

I am mere unashamedly Strumenta Community’s enthusiastic passionate wannabe of a court jester with Exceedingly BIG Ideas and know it! Thus - hopefully among other things - here to keep you all entertained! In very good cheer!

My my most recent post is: ‘Language Engineering: a VERY RADICAL philosophy’ (in Misc category).



Hi Mike, thank you for joining us.

I would be very curious to hear more about this


Yes, we discuss several projects in this community. For example, at the Virtual Meetup on Thursday I think that almost every week we presented a different open-source project :slight_smile: