Hi, I'm Kevin Mackey

Hello, everyone.

I’m Kevin Mackey, native Irish (Dublin), studied in Salamanca, Spain for a year, worked in Ferney-Voltaire, France for two, in the San Francisco Bay Area for twenty, and coming up on eight years here in Kansas City, Missouri.

I’ve built code generators since about 2008 because, as someone mentioned in their introduction, there is a LOT of repetition in programming (and I think it’s getting worse!) and I get bored doing the same thing more than twice.

Fell in love with ANTLR (weird, I know, but that’s how it is) and even managed to learn how to use Terence Parr’s StringTemplate language for some of my work.

Last year I put together a language to capture data structures (because we don’t have enough of them, right? :slight_smile: ), but also to allow a developer capture additional information that a generator could use to build, say, REST services that might need authentication, or…whatever.

I borrowed concepts from uast · pkg.go.dev to form the AST, and used what I’d learned in that exercise to build an ANTLR parser in order to transpile a scripting language used in a 3270 terminal emulator to a Windows script (AutoHotkey) for driving Windows version of the same programs that used to run on a mainframe.

I’ve been known to speak on code generation at various SQL Saturday events around the US, during which @laurent.guer1 and Telosys are mentioned more than once.

I’m here to learn, if I can. I find the idea of DSLs very powerful.

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Hello, Kevin.

Welcome to the forum!

I would bet that you enjoyed your time as a student in Salamanca, because it is a city with a lot of university atmosphere.

I live in Gijón, on the north coast of Spain.

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Thank you. Years after I had been there I saw an ad in National Geographic, when Spain was doing its “Everything under the sun” campaign. It was a two-page spread of the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca. I SO wanted to be back there!