Hi, I'm Jürgen Mutschall

Hello everyone!

Since the early 90’s I’ve been working in industry and research projects providing DSLs, visual programming languages and notations.
My first industry project was a visual programming workbench for power plant control systems in 1991.
Since then I pursue the goal of finding the “sweet spot” of the integration of programming languages , (language) modeling and metamodeling.In the follwing years I designed and implemented many compilers, tranlators and generative systems.
I had the hope, that the fUML/ALF standard would help to push for a common view on programming and executable models. So we implemented a language workbench which supported UML, ALF, Xtend, Xtext based DSLs, scalable language and model repositories and more. But “the market” proved, that currently there is not much interest in model driven software engineering.

Even the very interesting “Code Generation” conference in Cambrdige, which was already mentioned by others in this discussion forum, had not enough momentum to survive.

So I am still on my way to make “Model Driven Development Mainstream”.

I’m here to learn and share experiences on this journey.


Hi Jürgen,
sounds very interesting. Is the mentioned language workbench that supports this range of DSLs publicly available or can you point me to any resources that would allow me to learn more about it?

Thank you!

Ah, nvm, just found your blog! http://blog.metamodules.com/

Hi Robert,

the presentation for the Code Gen conference in 2014 may be interesting for you:


or the UML/ALF presentation

Best regards

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