Hi, I'm Greg Carlson

I have an interest in using ANTLR to explore, interpret and represent programming languages.

I have incorporated ANTLR into a framework for developing source code visualization systems that can accommodate virtually any programming language. And I have completed work on implementing a Javascript solution. I am currently working on Python.

Source code is processed within the framework through ANTLR to build a model that serves as the basis for an intermediate representation of the system. This representation is then processed further to generate an analysis framework, as follows:

Database(Source Code)->Model Extraction(AST)->Representation(UI)

Details of the software system are revealed in the analysis framework in both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional views.

Filter, zoom, pan, expand and collapse functionality is available in various layout options in each view, enabling users to traverse program execution paths and to develop an understanding of system integration, linkages and reasoning.

I would enjoy hearing from others with similar interests.


Hi Greg, thank you for joining us!

I would be very curious about this framework. Is it open-source? Is there a demo of it?


Hi Greg, I second what Federico said.

I’ve long had this dream of this high-level code explorer that could draw some kind of chart or map, with information like, “here’s most of the database access”, “here’s the business logic”, “this part is very complicated, pay attention”. I would have called it “There Be Dragons”. But, it’s too much for a mere mortal :smiley:

Hi Federico,

I have been working on this framework for several years. I will be expanding my solution to several other languages, starting with Python, and then I will be packaging my solution as a commercially available product, primarily to large enterprise clients. It will not be available as open-source software and demos will be confined to prospective customers only.

I appreciate your interest and many thanks for creating this forum so we can connect with other developers.


Hi Allesio,

That’s just what I have created - a high level code explorer that enables a developer to intelligently navigate through a visual representation of a software system designed in any language.

It took several years to perfect a language-agnostic system, but it has been well worth the effort.

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I perfectly understand the idea of having a commercial solution. We are also interested in building software products so I would be happy to have discussions on selling software components. Regarding the demo, you think it would not be useful to get a demo on a website? Like a video showing your component at work?

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Oracle did a serious research on this field of Software Visualisation, see here:

but is closed source, used internally…

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I would be very interested in discussions about selling software components. Let me know how best to connect.

Thanks for this link. My solution is comparable and has additional features.

Here seems a good place :slight_smile: The added benefits is that we could collect advice from more people
If instead it is something confidential you can write to me at federico@strumenta.com

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