Hi, I'm Gordon Morrison, Inventor

I invented Multi-Core and Hyper-Threading Technology - US Patent 4,847,755 licensed to Intel, IBM, Apple, and many others. I’ve invented an application Dtangle that uses a Domain Generic Language (DGL) to generate a complete process application in C, C++, or Object Pascal. The Dtangle application was used to create Dtangle, an Extract-Translate-Load (ETL) application, and an application DataPress for cleaning CSV data files and displaying the data. We are in the process of building an application called AnyView modeling based on Dtangle allowing Subject Matter Experts (SME) to create applications in their own business language.


Hi Gordon, your work seems impressive!
I think it would be interesting if you could give us a presentation in one of the next virtual meetups.
They are informal meetings on Zoom. Typically someone gives a 30 minutes presentation followed by 30 minutes of discussion. Would you be interested?

I’m very interested in providing more information and demos on what we are doing. It will be later in this year when we can complete some of our current contracts. I do look forward to that event.



I almost mistook you for J.P Morisson because of your mention of Extract-Translate-Load which is the concept involved in Flow Based Protocol that J.P Morrison had pioneered. Are you related?

I have a future project to implement a visual programming runtime following the ETL model and standards of Flowbased programming, with Directed Acyclic Graphs… If our interests are aligned, it would be of great value to work with you with the purpose of learning and growth.


I don’t know if there is a relationship. I have had an interest in computer languages since a compiler class in college. When I was working at NOAA I created a command and control language for a radar system that the Meteorologist could use in their own language.

I’ve created a new more powerful application that allows Subject Mater Experts (SME’s) to create complete applications (C, C++, or Delphi) using their own DSL. We recently received funding to move forward with the commercialization.

We have an ETL product that is in alpha testing. It’s a by the numbers approach from 1-to-17 from any source to any relational destination.

The complete application’s logic was generated using DSL from Dtangle.


Gordon Morrison, CTO

Inventor of Dtangle™ – Using DSL to Improve Software Quality

Inventor of COSA – 6,345,387 US Patent

Inventor Multi-Core and Hyper-Threading Technology – 4,847,755 US Patent

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