Hi, I'm Eric Lippert

Hi there, I’m Eric Lippert; thanks to Miklós Jánoska for inviting me to this forum.

I design and implement programming languages, compilers and other tools. For the last 20+ years I’ve worked on JavaScript, VBScript, Visual Basic and C# at Microsoft, helped design C# static analyzers at Coverity, and I now build compilers and developer tools at Facebook. My current primary area of interest is probabilistic languages for Bayesian inference.

I’m looking forward to learning what others are working on!



Could you elaborate? I want to learn more. Thanks!

Hi Eric, it is an honor to see you here! Thank you for joining and to @mjanoska for inviting you.

If you could find the time it would be great to interview you about your experience building languages and tooling!

Thanks so much for the warm welcome. I’d be happy to chat about building developer tools; it’s my favourite thing to talk about. :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking; I’ll do a separate post later today.

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